Advanced Features

One of the things you will notice when you first start Sculptor 3 is that the "Advanced Feature" options are not available on the "Tool Bar". The reason for this is that we did not want to overwhelm the first time users with too much information.

So, I advise the first time user to spend a little time familiarizing themselves with Sculptor 3 in its default mode before turning on the "Advanced Feature" options.

When you are familiar with Sculptor 3, follow these steps to turn on "Advanced Features".

Step 1.
Start Sculptor 3.

Step 2.
From the "Tool Bar," select "Setup" and then select "General".

From the "Others" grouping, which is located over to the right and in the middle of screen, select the "Advanced Features On" check box.

You will have four additional menu options on the "Tool Bar".

Select "Save and Exit".

The four additional "Advanced Features" options on the "Tool Bar" are:

  1. "ThePlan"
  2. eBook
  3. Assignments
  4. Tips and Techniques

Think of "ThePlan" as the main HQ ("Head Quarters").

From "ThePlan," you will be directed to:

  • Read the eBook
  • Complete some writing assignments

Some of the assignments will ask you to create goals, affirmations and subliminal messages. You will also be asked to include these new subliminal messages and affirmations into the Sculptor 3 for later use.

Use the "Tips and Techniques" option to document any of your own tip or techniques that you come across. We have included a few to get you started.

As you can see, the "Advanced Feature" option allows us to introduce a new area of learning in addition to Sculptor 3 basics.

The Libraries
If you purchase any of the Sculptor 3 add-on Libraries, the eBook, ThePlan, Assignments, Tips and Techniques, Background images and Stories, Sample affirmation, Subliminal messages and quotes all change.

Sculptor 3 transforms into a brand new product. See the Libraries menu option for details on available add-on libraries.

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