Quick Mode

There will undoubtedly be times when you say to yourself, "I just donít have the time to do my Sculptor 3 session".

Not staying regular with your practice can be one of the biggest drawbacks to you realizing your goals.

To help you overcome this, we have included many ways of speeding up your Sculptor 3 practice, and also offer an "Auto Start" option for encouraging you to stay regular with the practice.

The basic outline for our " Quick Mode" is to have Sculptor 3:

  • Start automatically when the computer is turned on
  • Turn the stories off (only after your understand them)
  • Turn the responses off (only after you have cleared blockages from this topic)
  • Speed up the affirmation display
  • Use short affirmation

Step 1.
Start Sculptor 3.

Step 2.
Enter "Setup".

Step 3.
From the "General" tab:

  • Turn "Stories" OFF
  • Turn "Start Sculptor When Windows Start" ON
  • Turn "Enable Responses" OFF

Step 4.
From "Affirmations " tab.

Create affirmation using seven or fewer words.

Slide the "Speed" gauge all the way to the left.

Step 5.

"Save and Exit"

Thatís it. You should now be able to complete an affirmation session in about five minutes, depending on your typing speed.

Note: while the above method is great if you are a little strapped for time, I do feel the "slower" practice offers greater opportunity for being more engaged in the affirmation practice. So, I would only speed up the practice if you only have 5 minutes to spare.

But please, be regular in your practice!

You will benefit greatly.

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