When using the affirmation feature of Sculptor 3, you are asked to type a Response in reply to typing the affirmation.

These responses are saved to a database and can be viewed from the "Responses" option located on the tool bar.

To view you're responses, follow these steps:

Step 1.
Start Sculptor 3.

Step 2.
Select the "Responses" option from the "Tool Bar".

You will be presented with the "Responses" viewing window.

Step 3.
Across the bottom of the "Responses" viewing window, you will notice a row of numbers. These numbers correspond to each day of the 12-day plan.

Select a number to view the responses you entered during that day's affirmation practice. If you select a day where no responses have been recorded, you will get the following message "There are no affirmation responses recorded for Day __".

We recommend that you don't concern yourself with the content of these responses during the early days of your affirmation practice.

The only time you really want to view the responses is when you want to check how the quality of your responses is changing towards the positive.

When the responses start becoming positive, this is an indication that the affirmation is being accepted by the unconscious.

Advance Use:
Once you feel you have cleared out all your resistance to an affirmation, you can turn the "Response" feature off if you like.

To do this, go to "Setup" / "General" and un-select the "Enable Responses" check box.

Note: even when your responses have become positive, it is still okay to leave the responses on - as the positive, subconscious support will be very beneficial to the manifesting process.

I only turn the responses off if I am sure I have cleared out all of resistance, and would like to complete the affirmation practice more quickly.

Also, even when I turn the responses off, I still give myself some verbal pep talk after I have typed in the affirmation (i.e. "You bet Jeff, and it is coming NOW!").

I would just like to add that while I say the responses may be of a negative nature when you first start affirming something new, this is not always the case. Sometimes when you first start affirming something to be new, your responses may be of a positive nature immediately. There are no hard and fast rules with this. Just let it be and allow the process to unfold.

Q & A
I am sometimes asked, "is it okay to record negative statements in response to the affirmation". The answer is yes, most definitely. The questioner is basically concerned that it is not okay to have negative thoughts.

Firstly, we are not focusing our attention on these subconscious objections. We are just allowing them to flow into our awareness, and then documenting them. We are clearing out the unconscious resistance to us having that which we have been affirming.

Our life is a reflection of our beliefs. When we start affirming something to be new in our life, it is quite natural for the unconscious mind to offer resistance. It is merely saying, "No, I don't agree with that".

With our affirmation practice, we are placing new beliefs into the unconscious. Don't ignore any initial resistance. Just document its content and continue with the affirmation practice. The resistance, if any, will stop as the unconscious starts to agree with the affirmation.

Note: failing to acknowledge this resistance is a bit like painting on rust. The underlying resistance is not acknowledged and will eventually affect the quality of our manifestation.

Your resistance needs to be acknowledged, brought to the surface and released.

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