Sentence Completion"

The basic outline of the sentence completion practice is to:

  • Type a "Sentence Stem"
  • Type several "Sentence Endings" to the "Sentence Stem"

Step 1.
Start Sculptor 3.

Step 2.
From the "Tool Bar," select " Sentence Completion" and then "Day 1".

You will be presented with a prompt box containing the following message:

"Sentence Completion is now on. Type in your sentence stem."

For this example, type in the following: "If my inner child could speak, this is what he (she) would say."

And Press the "ENTER" key.

Step 3.
The "Sentence Stem" is now placed at the top of the screen.

You are then presented with the Sculptor 3 story window. Read the contents of this story window as it contains an understanding of the background image (note, the story and backdrop image is used in the same manner as explained in the affirmation practice.)

When you have finished reading the story, press the "OK" button to close the story window.

You will then be presented with a prompt box beneath the "Sentence Stem".

This is where you are going to type the "Sentence Ending".

Type this as if you were completing the " Sentence Stem" located in the above box.

For example, you might type: "I thought we were going to take time off today?" in response to our original "Sentence Stem"

This is an example of a "Sentence Ending". You can type any ending you like.

Do this now. Then press the "ENTER" key.

This completes your first " Sentence Completion" cycle.

The counter located at the bottom left of the screen will increment with the number "1" and you will be presented with the prompt box again.

Type another "Sentence Ending".

Then press the "ENTER".

Continue in this manner until you have completed at least 12-sentence endings.

Step 4.
To end the "Sentence Completion" practice after 12 cycles.

From the "Tool Bar," select "Sentence Completion" and then select " Off".

Step 5.
To review the results of the "Sentence Completion" practice.

Go to the "Responses" option on the "Tool Bar".

The "Responses" window will appear.

Select " View Completed Sentences".

You can now view the results of your "Sentence Completion" practice by selecting the "Day 1" button.

Note: it is not necessary for you to analyze or pay attention to the results of the "Sentence Completion" practice. The main benefits are in the actual practice. We include the save/review feature just so you have a record of your sessions.

Step 6.
Important: we suggest you study the following before using the "Sentence Completion" feature.

The power of the "Sentence Completion" technique is in the careful construction of the "Sentence stems". The originator of this technique, Dr. Nathaniel Brandon, has provided us with two 30-week programs. Plus, introductory notes on how to get the most out of this technique.

To access these materials go to and select the "Sculptor 3 Users Login" menu option.

You will be asked to enter a password. The password is "success".

Type "success" and press the "ENTER" key.

You will now have access to the "Sculptor 3 Users" web site.

Select the " Sentence Completion" menu option.

You will find three links:

  • Instructions on how to do sentence completion
  • The 30-week Self-esteem Sentence Completion Program
  • The 30-week Taking Responsibility: Sentence Completion Program

We recommend you print these pages and use the material as reference with your practice.

I would also add that the " Sentence Completion" is very much a full program in itself. We recommend you not practice the affirmation and "Sentence Completion" practices at the same time. Rather, schedule time for one and not practice the other.

Note: "Sentence Completion" has been adapted for use in Sculptor 3 with permission by Dr. Nathaniel Brandon.

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