Visual Aid

Firstly, the "Visual Aid" feature is only intended for use after you have completed your first 12-Day program.

The reason for this is that you need to have an understanding of the 12 images and stories used during the 12-Day program to benefit from this feature.

The "Visual Aid" feature has two purposes:

  • To help you improve your visualization skills.
  • To help you learn the principles of affirmations using a "Mind Mapping" technique.

Mind Mapping explained
"Mind Mapping" is the technique of presenting ideas in image form to the visual right brain.

These images can represent anything from simple ideas to complex projects.

When using a "Mind Map", you first select an image (right brain) and then associate an intellectual (left brain) understanding to the image.

So you might select the image of a "Balloon being released into the air", and then intellectually associate the intention to release any fears you may have towards obtaining something you desire to the "Balloon" image.

This "Balloon" image is actually what we present for "Day 2" of the 12-Day program.

So by simply recalling the image of a "Balloon", we can convey to our unconscious mind our intention to release any fears we may have towards obtaining that which we desire.

Making the "Mind Map" for Sculptor 3
During the 12-Day affirmation program, we use a different image and story for each day of the 12-Day program.

The subject of these 12 images and stories is "The principles of affirmations."

For the "Mind Mapping" technique, I have taken an element from each of these 12-day images and created a single image.

So, we have a single image that represents the teaching of the entire "The Principles of Affirmations" section.

So our job now is to be able to visualize this image.

This is where the "Visual Aid" feature comes in.

Using "Visual Aid"

Step 1.
Start Sculptor 3.

Step 2.
Enter Setup.

From the "General" tab, locate the "Visual Aid Speed" gauge. It is over to the right in the "Others" grouping.

The value of this gauge determines the pause time Sculptor 3 will use between showing you the "Full image" and the random "Partial image," (this will become clear as you proceed.)

Position the gauge about three quarters of the way to the right.

Select "Save and Exit" to save the setting.

Step 3.
From the "Tool Bar", select "Visual Aid" and then select "On".

You are now presented with a random selection of the "Full Image".

This partial image will remain on the screen for a few seconds.

(The pause time is determined by the values we set in the setup program.)

Then, the random image will be replaced with the "Full Image".

So, what we have is:

  • A partial image
  • A whole image

Your task now is:

  • When presented with the "Partial Image," you are to image in your mind the full picture.
  • When presented with the "Full Image," you use this to confirm how successful you were at visualizing the full image, when only seeing the "partial image".

Use this like a game. After a very short while, you will be able to recall the full image in your mind.

When you can visualize the "Full Image", you have a way of conveying to your unconscious mind your intention to recall the learning associated with the image - that is, "The Principles of Affirmations."

Step 4.
To end the "Visual Aid" feature, select "Visual Aid" from the "Tool Bar" and then select "Off".

"Mind Mapping" has many different applications. For example, the "Mind Map" could be an image of a project or a goal you are working on.

You would simply visualize the "Mind Map" to convey to your subconscious mind your intention to have this thing come about.

The subconscious mind would then go about its job of bringing about circumstances that would lead to the goal’s realization.

All you have to do to reinforce your intention, in order to reach the goal, is to recall the "Mind Map". The unconscious mind would then work with the intention and go about creating events and situations that would eventually lead to the goal’s realization.

If this subject is something you would like to pursue, I highly recommend you check out any of the fine books by Tony Buzan on the subject of "Mind Mapping".

(Note: you can use the advanced custom library option in Sculptor 3 to use your own "Mind Map" image in the "Visual Aid" feature.

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