Sculptor 3 - offers access to all its features via the Main Menu Toolbar.

File - From the file menu you can access the exit button, which will end a Sculptor 3 session.

Affirmations - Selecting this option starts the affirmation practice.

Responses - View responses you entered during your Affirmations and Sentence Completion sessions.

VisualAid - Assists you in improving your visualization skills.

Sentence Completion - Select this option to start the Sentence Completion practice.

AutoMode - Select this option to start the AutoMode session.

Assignments (advanced) - Use this option to begin Writing Assignments.

ThePlan (advanced) - Select this option to work through "ThePlan" document.

Tips and Techniques - Select this option for tips and techniques you can apply to Sculptor 3.

eBook (advanced) - If an add-on library includes an electronic book (eBook), this option becomes available.

Setup - Select this option to make modifications to Sculptor 3ís operation and appearance.

Help - Offers help on Sculptor 3.

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