Sculptor 3 - has many settings that can be adjusted via the general/setup screen.

The following is an overview of the Sculptor 3 Setup features. These options are explained in detail in the Tutorial Basic section.

Brain Wave Player
Choose from a selection of brain wave files.

Play Trigger
Turn On/Off the Trigger sound.

Turn Stories On/Off.

Start Sculptor 3 When Windows Starts
Have Sculptor 3 start automatically when Windows starts.

Music Player
Turn Music Player On/Off.

Enable Responses
Turn On/Off the Responses feature.

Don't Show Welcome Screen
Turn the Welcome screen On/Off.

Advanced Features On
Turn On/Off the Advanced Features.

Change font and background colors.

PDF Reader
Show path and location to the eBook PDF reader. This option will only be visible if you are using a third-party library that is using a PDF eBook.

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