Sculptor 3 - has an AutoMode for effortlessly practicing affirmations that have previously been completed.

Select AutoMode "On" from the tool bar to start the AutoMode session.

Once you have established the Audio Trigger - that is, you have practiced a single affirmation for 12 days with the audio trigger sound playing - you may choose to use the AutoMode with a previously used affirmation. AutoMode is ideally suited to situations where you are involved in other tasks but want the Audio Trigger operating in the background as a remote stimulus to trigger subconscious recall of your affirmation.

AutoMode can be thought of as a powerful recharge technique for affirmations previously practiced.

(You can turn the audio trigger On/Off from the setup/general screen. The audio trigger sound plays a wav. file each time the affirmation is presented on screen)

Note: as well as using the Audio Trigger to create a trigger to your affirmation, you can also use the Sculptor 3 Music Player to create the trigger. (We have included several classical pieces in the Sculptor/Music directory for you to use.)

For example, practice the 12-Day program with your chosen affirmation and a selected piece of music playing.

Then, after completing the 12 days, run AutoMode with the same affirmation and piece of music playing. The music would then act as a trigger in the same way as the Audio Trigger did.

Selecting music that already has an emotion charge, for you, will greatly improve the effectiveness of this technique.

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