Sculptor 3 - offers many possibilities for using the Custom Library and Affirmations technique together.

The following pages demonstrate how you might use images and the custom library.

Here are some guidelines to help create effective goal images:

  • Create a single image for each affirmation goal.
  • Print your goal image and place it where you will see it often.
  • Always create goal images in the finished form.
  • Know what you want - write out your goals but donít be concerned with how this will happen. That's the job of your subconscious.
  • Use a combination of associated and disassociated images.

Associated and disassociated.

  • Associated (you in the body)
    In an associated scene, you would be in your body looking through YOUR eyes and seeing things around you. You might see your hands and feet but you would not be able to see your face. This is your normal way of seeing the world.

    Main advantage - when you are in the body (associated), you will find it easier to have access to your emotional states. As previously stated in the "Guide To Affirmations", emotions are very important in the manifestation process.
  • Disassociated (you are out of the body)
    In a disassociated scene, you would be out of the body. This would be like you looking at a photograph of yourself.

    Main advantage - your subconscious mind is going to find it easy to except this as being true. The subconscious mind operates in images, if it can see it, it must be true.

Note: the images on the following pages are not included in Sculptor 3. They are used only to demonstrate their use with the custom library.

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